Allianz Worldwide Care for 2009

Updated: 15/09/16 (original post 2008- kept for historical purposes) Allianz Worldwide Care for 2009   Changes have been made effective to Allianz Worldwide Care with effect from the 1st of November 2008. Where applicable these changes apply to existing policy … Read more

Discovery Invest finally launch “Guaranteed Return Plans”

Updated: 14/09/16Discovery still offer guaranteed return plans, which are often earning the best yield. (Original post) Well, hello again everyone. I know it has been ages since i added anything to this blog. However, it is year end and we … Read more

Launching of International Healthcare Queries

Updated: 14/09/16Please note: I do not offer International Health Insurance any longer. (post kept for historical purposes) Well, Hello again everyone. Kenny Williamson here. I have just joined Swiss Financial, and taken over my existing client base. This site will … Read more

Waiting periods when you join your South African medical scheme.

Updated: 1/11/20Waiting periods when you join a medical scheme. Medical Schemes can apply waiting periods when you join a scheme, please see below for which waiting period would apply to you. Applicants to a medical scheme can be divided into … Read more

South African medical schemes – the late joiner penalty.

Updated: 1/11/20Late joiner penalty – medical schemes. The Medical Schemes Act makes provision for a late joiner penalty to be applied to members (of medical schemes) over the age of 35, who have not belonged to a registered South African medical … Read more

Podcast about the Discovery Life Impairment Fund

Updated: 14/09/16To think we had a podcast going in 2008!!! Way before the curve… now we don’t. (so just keeping the post for historical purposes)   This explains another option when you do not have sufficient money to pay for … Read more

Is Medical Aid too expensive for you?

Updated: 14/09/16PLEASE NOTE THAT A STANDALONE IMPAIRMENT FUND IS NO LONGER OFFERED. Being a broker for medical schemes and risk cover (life, disability, severe illness cover, etc.), I often come across situations where medical aid cover is simply too expensive … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of business entity types.

Updated: 30/10/16The advantages and disadvantages of business entity types was written in 2008. You can no longer start a close corporation. You can however, get one off the shelf (already registered). There are also obviously new implications in the Companies … Read more