New- Retirement fund deductions and income protection policies

Changes to Retirement fund deductions and Income Protection Policies from 1 March 2015 Note the following changes that will occur from 1 March 2015: 1. Retirement Reform The Taxation Laws Amendment Act was gazetted on 12 December 2013.¬†From this date, … Read more

Direct Life Insurance

Having just read the latest PricewaterhouseCoopers fifth edition June 2012 “Strategic and Emerging Issues in South African Insurance 2012” report, coupled with a comment from my partner regards how easy direct life insurance seems to be to buy, as well … Read more

Death and the preparing

(Update: Sept, 2016. This post is still valid. Checklist that you should all use) (Original post) I just received an email regarding what needs to be done should someone in your family die. You never really think about this much … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of business entity types.

The advantages and disadvantages of business entity types was written in 2008. You can no longer start a close corporation. You can however, get one off the shelf (already registered). There are also obviously new implications in the Companies Act, … Read more