Vitality Open- on right now!!!

The Vitality Open is live and running!

i know it sounds like a golf game. However, it is not… it is Discovery’s attempt to get the whole of South Africa moving/ active and driving well.

To do this, Discovery have “opened” Vitality to all of South Africa (for those who own a smart phone), for 10 weeks.

How do you take part in the Vitality Open?

Very simple:

Download the app and register.

Why would you want to take part in the Vitality Open?

Well, you would-

a. be able to watch your activity, are you moving enough and doing enough… thinking/ being aware of your activity levels prompts you to improve… so you could end up having more endorphins and happiness during the day.

b. You can add your friends and see if they get to their goals, which helps with your bragging rights… if you are getting to your goal.

c. the biggest reason is that you get to play the game board for prizes… small ones like  free coffee’s and smoothies, up to bigger hidden “diamonds” containing gifts and gadgets… or even bigger hidden “diamonds” that could contain International flights and holidays.

There is nothing really to lose (other than Discovery having your data somewhere in its ecosystem -like Google already do) and LOTS to gain…

More information taken right from the Discovery Vitality Open page here. (click link)

Please remember to add me as a friend below (I want another chance at the game to win a trip)!

Here’s a little video for you:


Add me as a friend on Vitality Active Rewards

Join me for the Vitality Open!

Tap here ( to add me to your friends list or enter my code KENNETWe5d in your Discovery app.

Details (incl. prizes, Vitality Active Rewards, Ts & Cs) here:



P.s. here is the video on how to invite your friends to the Vitality Open


More information on the Vitality Open

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