Turnberry Gap Cover Changes for 2014

Below are some exciting product changes for Turnberry medical insurance.

I have listed them in product order, so if you have a specific product, you can simply skip to that. (2017 Turnberry plans, click here)

The brokerage that i contract to does not have a contract with Turnberry (we are using another gap medical insurance provider), so if you need to be contacted regards Turnberry please contact your broker or email : [email protected] and i will direct you to one.

Execu-Care, this is Turnberry’s flagship gap product.

Premium on this has increased from R255 p/m to R265 p/m per family.

An Exciting addition is additional cancer coverage , paying R200 000 after you have paid the R200 000 excess (including the sub- limits, deductibles or co- payments related to cancer treatment). The biological cancer drugs benefit is still available as well.

This is really a flagship product in my view and is money well spent, for the full brochure you can download here.


Pricing on the Pro-care 100 product has increased from R105 p/m to R119 p/m, benefits have been retained.

Pro-Care Senior, for ages 65 to 79 is still available, at a cost of R139 p/m.

For the full details on Pro- Care, you can download here. (link removed 2016)

New addition to Turnberry’s products:  Procancer- Care , this will allow you to have the benefit of a normal gap cover product of up to 5 x the scheme rate for in hospital “related” accounts coverage- as well as additional cancer coverage (including the sub- limits, deductibles or co- payments related to cancer treatment) of R200 000 after the excess of R200 000. These products tie in beautifully with the major open scheme medical aid provider.

Pro-Cancer- Care is available at R142 p/m for the family. Brochure here. (link removed old)

Pro- Select- Care, is now available at a premium of R142 p/m. This includes normal gap cover (as per Pro- Care) and will pay co- payments or any authorised deductibles, up to R10 000 per admission per patient. Brochure here. (link removed – old)

This is a summary of the changes that i have taken from Turnberry documentation.

Obviously, there are terms and conditions as is the case with insurance.

If you would like an overview of all Turnberry plans, you can download here. (link removed- old)

All in  all, another great year looks set for Turnberry and i wish them all the best.

Kenny Williamson: [email protected]

FOR 2017 plans: link

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