You can get Gap Medical Aid cover over age 65!

FInally, i once again write in this blog.

I have had quite a few older people (excuse me) asking for gap medical aid cover. So, i thought that it might be a good idea to put something in this blog.

(Note that the information below is no longer pertinent. However, we are now using Stratum Benefits… which will provide cover if you are over the age of 65. Here is a link to the post for information on them: click here).- Nov 2017

(Note too, that the provider mentioned below ” Turnberry Insurance”, will also provide cover for you if you are over 65. If you wish to compare between the two companies: their information, can be viewed on Nov 2017.

The product provider that we use has changed the product for 2012…some of the highlights/changes:

Pro-Care covers up to 500% of the scheme rate and covers the shortfall for impacted

in-hospital wisdom teeth extraction.


· Execu-care will also cover up to 500% together with increased cancer cover to

R350 000 per individual and R1 000 000 per family, and will continue to provide copayment

and sublimit cover and a stated cash back benefit. Extraction of impact

wisdom teeth will also be covered.


· Over-age Products that cover members aged 65 to 79.

Pro-Care Senior and Elect-a-Care Senior have the same benefits as the standard

policies. The spouse or dependant may be younger than 65 years as this will

eliminate the need for two separate policies.


· A new benefit will allow for additional dependants to be added to some of

Turnberry’s policies, who are on the principles medical aid and previously did not

qualify under our definition as dependants on the same policy, e.g. an over age child


So, i hope that this answers the question for those people over the age of 65 looking for gap cover.

You can get a better picture  of the most used of their benefits here: (link removed – old)

Kenny Williamson


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  1. We have a medical aid does not cover dental, can we have a “gap Medical cover” for teet with you and what it benefits?


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