Draft Medical Schemes Amendment Bill, 2018

The Draft Medical Schemes Amendment Bill, 2018, has been released.

The Council for Medical Schemes has released the Draft Medical Schemes Amendment Bill for comment.

You can download it from this site, here: Draft Medical Schemes Amendment Bill,2018

I don’t find this nearly as interesting as the Draft NHI Bill, however, it is an important part of the legislation surrounding the necessary changes for NHI Bill.

It concerns changes to the Medical Schemes Act to allow for the changes necessary through the NHI Bill.

It will be of interest to you, if you are involved in the medical schemes industry.


Note: this is for public comment.

Herewith, please find copies of the Draft Medical Schemes Amendment Bill, 2018, published in the Government Gazette no 41726 of 21 June 2018, as well as the Draft NHI Bill, 2018, published in the Government no 41725 of 21 June 2018, for public comment within three months of publication.

Comments can be sent to:  Attention: Dr Anban Pillay, Deputy Director- General: National Health Insurance, Private Bag X 828, Pretoria, 0001 –  Email: Anban.Pillay@health.gov.za


Well this topic seems to be attacting a lot of attention: i saw this right now (Financial Advisor news):

Draft NHI and Medical Schemes amendment bill

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