Discovery Health for 2009

Discovery Health for 2009

(Update: Sept, 2016- post kept for historical purposes)

There are 5 areas of change to the Discovery Health Medical Aid Scheme for 2009.

Discovery Health have issued a headline increase of 12.8% for 2009. For members this is good news as it is applied across all plan types and membership numbers…so whether you are a single member or a family you should be experiencing an increase of 12.8%. The increase is slightly below increases of other major open market schemes and is high enough to ensure the sustainability of the scheme.

Discovery Health have introduced the Delta range of plans. This plan type allows you to reduce the costs of your contributions by 20%, this is done by managing the access to providers without cutting the benefits. As an example, if you are on a Classic Saver and switch to the Classic Delta Saver for 2009, you should be experiencing around a 20% reduction in contribution.

Discovery Health are expanding access to private healthcare. This is aimed at the lower income market, where Keycare contributions have been reduced by up to 33%.

Discovery Health are going to be simplifying the new business process should you want to join the scheme, and from next year will be introducing an online application for employer groups to use. They are also going to be simplifying the application for individuals and small groups. From next year if you are part of a small employer group (10 to 34 members), you could qualify for a group underwriting decision, which could mean waiting periods are viewed differently.

Discovery Health / Vitality are launching their Personal Pathways, which is structured so that you individualise your experience with Vitality from next year.

The launch of the  Healthyfood™ benefit on Vitality next year in February where one can get a discount on healthy foods purchased at Pick n Pay will probably be the most visible change to Vitality for most members. This is an exciting benefit and is the nest step in their wellness process in trying to get members on Vitality to eat more healthily.

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