Why Discovery health?

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When looking at schemes (to market), there are a few factors that are important.

Here are 3 things to look at:

  • Size– very important, what size is the risk pool from which to pay benefits?
  • Average Age– if this is too high, the scheme will be paying large amounts of claims.
  • Solvency– I don’t require this as important, more a qualification that the Council for Medical Schemes looks at (requires).
These should also be looked at in conjunction with one another. E.g. if membership is decreasing and solvency is increasing, dangerous position.
If membership is increasing and average age is moving upwards rapidly, another dangerous position.
The best position is probably membership increasing, average age staying around the same and solvency slightly decreasing.
(solvency requires that a scheme must keep cash reserves for each new member they put on for the rest of the year (the mandated 25%)).

This pdf shows exactly why Discovery Health is able to keep the scheme well managed and on track.

To see why, click here comparison. (this was a dashboard of Discovery vs 10 top other competitors – now outdated, removed).

Schemes compared:

Discovery Health

Momentum Health





Sizwe Medical Scheme

Liberty Health

Resolution Health


All information can be gleaned from the latest Annual Report of the Council for Medical Schemes.



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