Medical Cover

Medical cover for companies and individuals comprises two components

These are Medical Aid Cover and Gap cover.

Note that a relatively new entrant to this space is the addition of Primary care cover for companies that are wanting to provide medical cover for employees, but cannot afford full medical aid. Or, the employees are lower income earners which and cannot afford full medical aid.

The funding of these primary care plans is done by using networks for day to day cover for the members and some emergency / hospitalisation (usually accident based) type cover. Employees enjoy these plans as they usually allow for unlimited visits to the members GP, which is normally a high cost item for these employees.

For Medical aid cover, we use Discovery Health Medical Scheme.

For Gap cover, we use Stratum Benefits. However, we will also look at Discovery Insure’s gap cover product.

I personally also enjoy Turnberry Benefits gap cover (link to their 2019 plans).

For the Primary care/ health insurance products, we use Stratum Benefits and Discovery Primary Care product.

Enquiring about benefits at the company level?

Generally you can start getting quotes for 10 or more members. Costing can also vary depending on occupation of company and whether it is a compulsory or voluntary scheme (for the members).


If you want to discuss requirements for your company, please use this contact form: