Medical Gap Cover for Employers

Medical Gap cover for employers, helps find a solution to cover employees additional medical costs.


Why would you want an employer gap policy?

The most tempting reason, is that if you have 10 or more employees (it does not have to be compulsory) that are wanting to go on gap cover (or perhaps already on), you/ employees could receive lower premium rates via a group scheme.

We use Stratum Benefits to help fund these costs.

They have won the first Financial Intermediaries Association Award (FIA) for Health Insurance, under the category of “Product Supplier of the year“.

Medical gap cover solutions for Employers/ Companies.

(Note… some options do not require that your employees are on a medical aid)

(Note … there is a new option for Dental and Optical cover for your employees).

(Note… you need a minimum of 10 qualifying employees for a company scheme).

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  1. Corporate Elite (Comprehensive option for gap medical cover for your employees. They need to be members of a medical aid).                                                                                                                                                       Download brochure: 2017 Corporate Elite Product
  2. Corporate Access (Offers a gap benefit and covers additional specific medical procedures that are necessary for your wellbeing, but excluded on employees medical aid. Employees need to be on a medical aid). Download brochure: 2017 Corporate Access Plan
  3. Corporate Assure ( Offers Dentistry and Eye Care benefits. Your employees do not have to be members of a medical aid).

(Update Aug 2017: Please note that there have been changes to the Dental Assure plan- discontinuation of the Orthondontic benefit from 1 Sept 2017). If you wish to see the email regarding this, let me know at :[email protected] and I will forward it to you).

Download brochure: 2017 Corporate Assure Product

  1. Corporate Essential ( Offers DAY – TO – DAY and EMERGENCY AND ACCIDENTAL benefits. Your employees do not have to be members of a medical aid)                                                                                                                                 Download Brochure: 2017 Corporate Essential Product

Download full brochure with all 4 options here: 2017 Stratum Benefits Corporate Product Range

Summary: there are 2 options where your employees would need to be on a scheme and employees can use 2 options if they do not belong to a medical aid.