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Businessowner-cover.com was created for business owners to get information on covering themselves and their employees (in South Africa).


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Kenny Williamson owner of businessowner-cover.comAre you a business owner that has built your small or medium sized business from the ground up?

This has cost you time and money.

You get to a point where you now want to start offering staff benefits.

You start googling, or searching the web for an advisor and so on. This is when you realise that getting this cover in place, is more complicated than you thought.

This is the reason that this site was created…

To try and simplify the different aspects of financial planning as far as possible to help you get this cover in place.

Cover for the business owner.

  • Keyperson insurance (cover for the death or disability of a key person in your business…. to pay out should something happen to them).
  • Business Assurance (cover to provide funds for “buy and sell” agreements. Cover for liabilities that individuals may have stood surety for, on behalf of the company).
  • Preferred compensation agreements (policies to motivate/fund the retention of  key staff that the company wants to retain).
  • Discovery’s Dollar Life Plan and Retirement plan (offshore investing – protect yourself against the rand dropping in value).
  • Wills

Cover for the business employees

  • Medical aid cover
  • Medical aid gap cover
  • Retirement funding (Group RA’s; Pension Funds; Individual Retirement Annuities)
  • Investments (endowments; flexible investments).
  • Risk benefits for staff (Group Risk cover – Life, Disability, income protection)
  • Personal Insurance (for the personal cover of the business owner and individuals in the company).
  • Wills

Often there are advantages to taking out group schemes for your employees: both in terms of cost, benefits offered for that cost and for tax purposes).

Cover for the business

  • Commercial Short Term insurance (short term cover for business risks).

Recommended business tools:

This is the list of basic needs that we offer.

There could be other areas that you are looking for cover (like professional indemnity; funeral scheme cover and so on). You can enquire about this and we will let you know, if we can source the benefit you are looking for.

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