Turnberry Gap cover for 2019

Turnberry have released their 2019 plans for their medical gap cover I have always personally appreciated Turnberry. We do not currently have a contract with Turnberry, which unfortunately means that i cannot offer their products. However, as i still feel … Read more

Why we use Capital Legacy

Capital Legacy have become the Number One provider of Wills in South Africa (in 5 years) Capital Legacy have done this with innovation, developing partnerships and using broker networks. My take on them is as follows. They have a fiduciary … Read more

Vitality Open- on right now!!!

The Vitality Open is live and running! i know it sounds like a golf game. However, it is not… it is Discovery’s attempt to get the whole of South Africa moving/ active and driving well. To do this, Discovery have … Read more

Discovery Vitality Special Offer- July and August 2018

Discovery Vitality Special Offer on for the months of July and August 2018 I recently published a post indicating the Discovery Vitality Special Offer for May and June 2018. There is a new Special Offer for July and August 2018. … Read more

FIA Awards 2018- Finalists!

The Financial Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa (FIA) awards, have announced their finalists for 2018. The FIA Awards are a leading measure of product supplier excellence. They are given based on an  independent survey of advisors, who are all … Read more

Draft Medical Schemes Amendment Bill, 2018

The Draft Medical Schemes Amendment Bill, 2018, has been released. The Council for Medical Schemes has released the Draft Medical Schemes Amendment Bill for comment. You can download it from this site, here: Draft Medical Schemes Amendment Bill,2018 I don’t find … Read more

Draft NHI Bill 2018

The draft NHI Bill has been released. The Council for Medical Schemes has released the draft NHI bill for comment. You can download it from this site here ( note, almost 5MB though- so it will take a while ): DraftNHIBill … Read more

CrowdSearch Sensor

The CrowdSearch Sensor is available from 4 June What is the CrowdSearch Sensor? Here is an explanation of the CrowdSearch sensor, taken from the web: Crowdsearch is a vehicle recovery solution that uses a wireless device hidden within vehicles to … Read more