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Website and Domains for Sale   This website (around since 2008) and the following associated domains are for sale:  

No longer available on whatsapp

no longer available on whatsapp

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE DELETED WHATSAPP… I noted that the icon on my phone did not disappear after deleting WhatsApp. So, I went into Apps (Android) and disabled and force stopped WhatsApp… as it was not disabled… which probably … Read more

Health Insurance cover

In South Africa, health insurance is generally used as a cheaper option to belonging to medical aid. Companies that cannot afford to subsidise full medical aid cover for their employees, may be able to pay for health insurance cover. I … Read more

Discovery Health updates for 2021

The Discovery Health updates for 2021 include a strong focus on digital care/ virtual care. Connected Care: This new initiative is called “Connected Care“. You should watch the video below on the digitisation of healthcare. Discovery have taken huge strides … Read more

Discovery Vitality updates for 2021

Video explaining the Discovery Vitality updates for 2021 Please see video from Discovery explaining the Discovery Vitality updates for next year.   Vitality special offer Until 1 January 2021, clients can get Vitality free for three months and only start paying … Read more

Turnberry gap cover 2021

Turnberry gap cover products for 2021 Turnberry have launched their gap cover products for 2021. Keeping a watchful eye on their affordability, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They expect the claims usage to escalate in the early parts of … Read more