No longer available on whatsapp

no longer available on whatsapp

Updated: 14/02/21 PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE DELETED WHATSAPP… I noted that the icon on my phone did not disappear after deleting WhatsApp. So, I went into Apps (Android) and disabled and force stopped WhatsApp… as it was not disabled… … Read more

Health Insurance cover

Updated: 1/11/20In South Africa, health insurance is generally used as a cheaper option to belonging to medical aid. Companies that cannot afford to subsidise full medical aid cover for their employees, may be able to pay for health insurance cover. … Read more

Discovery Health updates for 2021

Updated: 1/11/20The Discovery Health updates for 2021 include a strong focus on digital care/ virtual care. Connected Care: This new initiative is called “Connected Care“. You should watch the video below on the digitisation of healthcare. Discovery have taken huge … Read more

Discovery Vitality updates for 2021

Updated: 30/10/20Video explaining the Discovery Vitality updates for 2021 Please see video from Discovery explaining the Discovery Vitality updates for next year.   Vitality special offer Until 1 January 2021, clients can get Vitality free for three months and only start … Read more

Turnberry gap cover 2021

Updated: 25/10/20Turnberry gap cover products for 2021 Turnberry have launched their gap cover products for 2021. Keeping a watchful eye on their affordability, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They expect the claims usage to escalate in the early parts … Read more

Stratum Benefits product updates for 2021

Updated: 12/10/20Stratum Benefits product updates for 2021 released. Stratum Benefits product updates for next year have been released. From my perspective, a well thought out set of updates. They have released a youtube video, which i have copied in below. … Read more

Special Offers Discovery Life

Updated: 14/12/20  Current Special offers available through Discovery Life—-   These special offers discovery life are valid until 15 December 2020. These special offers with Discovery Life are part of their 20 year anniversary of existence.   Discovery Life Special … Read more

Free Vitality mental wellbeing session

Updated: 9/10/20Free Vitality mental wellbeing session on Tuesday, 13th of October 2020. I think we could all benefit from a free vitality mental wellbeing session (webinar). I will see you there. The first “public” session is faciliated by the inimitable … Read more