Stratum Benefits product updates for 2021

Stratum Benefits product updates for 2021 released.

Stratum Benefits product updates for next year have been released.

From my perspective, a well thought out set of updates.

They have released a youtube video, which i have copied in below. This includes the changes for the gap cover products and the health insurance products.

Some of the highlights of the Stratum Benefit updates are:

  • Average increase across the gap cover product range is 6.0%
  • Average increase across the health insurance product range is 5.5%
  • They have SIMPLIFIED their product range (please other providers- if you could learn from this)!
  • The gap products are now identified as low cover; medium cover and high cover.- very nice.
  • No existing clients will be moved automatically from their 2020 option, choice is given to change options if clients want to.
  • They have an additional benefit created during lockdown, for those with children in high school. You can register and get a coupon to help your children study, for help with home schooling.
  • An offer ; when you join Stratum Benefits as an individual membership- the 3 month general waiting period will be waived, until further notice.

I am also impressed with their feeding scheme and very impressed with their Covid-19 help for their clients. It goes without saying that this type of corporate imprint is desperately needed in South Africa.


Below is the Stratum Benefits product updates for 2021, in video format (only 25 minutes- for full products).


Also attached is the “This-is-2021″ written changes. (click to download)


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