Short Term Insurance

Short Term Insurance

Short term insurance is for most people, who love acquiring material possessions and assets.

Unfortunately, “other” people also love these material possessions and assets and they are often stolen, damaged, lost and the like.

Which is why short term insurance is such a huge industry.

The pooling of the costs of these losses through your insurance premiums, has led to the creation of large companies in South Africa and internationally.

These companies play the role of insuring against the loss/damage of these assets and much more recently against the non- physical type losses (reputation/ cyber crime and the like).


The insurance industry has bespoke plans for smaller niche industries. E.g. guesthouse insurance, golf estate insurance and so on. Marine insurance is another big area which you would be looking for a specialist for.

One of the newer risks is Cyber crime insurance, which is escalating rapidly. (luckily Discovery Insure has included some cover for this in their commercial insurance plans).

If you are looking for cover for a specialist risk, let us know. We may be able to direct you to the correct place.


Otherwise, as concerns this site.

We have a page for personal Motor and Household Insurance

Mostly based on the Discovery Insure product – as i tend to appreciate the fact that behaviour change lowers risk. Which is basically what they do within the structure of their product.

If you want comparisons from a few companies, i request the quote from Vital Consult/ Waves Wealth- which has a short term desk specialising in this.


Business Commercial Insurance

This will operate in the same way, if you want a quote for Discovery Commercial insurance i will request the quote (Discovery Insure have added to the standard commercial policies- bringing in rewards for behaviour change- which can be very advantageous to your business short term insurance coverage).

For more/other company quotes, it will go through the short term specialists at the short term desk within Waves Wealth.


If you have no idea what you actually want and just want to be contacted, you can use this contact form below and indicate what the situation is with a message.

Note, this will not be immediate- we prefer doing things thoroughly which, just like a good meal- takes time… and is worth it in the end.