Turnberry gap cover 2021

Turnberry gap cover products for 2021

Turnberry have launched their gap cover products for 2021.

Keeping a watchful eye on their affordability, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They expect the claims usage to escalate in the early parts of next year (as do all medical aid and gap providers), as people get out more and get back to going for planned procedures.

They have 4 options.

I highly regard them as a gap provider from having dealt with them in the past.

Their options, from least benefits to greater benefits are: Launch option; Synergy option; Optimal option and the Premier option.

The launch option in particular, is very affordably costed. Have a look if you are wanting the lowest cost option.

There is also a med-extend option for defined procedures, which have been excluded by your medical scheme.

Turnberry have lowered the criteria for quotes for Group Schemes (companies), it has been reduced from 20 members to 10 members– which is obviously an advantageous situation  for the smaller businesses. (i believe that everyone who has medical scheme coverage, should have gap cover).

They have also indicated that they are working on their online application to make applying easier with social distancing and Covid being a factor. As at todays date i just went onto their site and see that you can apply online.

I am linking the brochure listing all their plans just below this. As well as the comparison between 2020 and 2021, for existing members, who want a quick and easy summary of the changes.

Turnberry Brochure 2021

Turnberry 2020 vs 2021

Note that Turnberry use an ‘extended family’ definition if you want to add a person that is on  your medical aid and does not fall under their definition of family.

(The “Family” means the Principal Insured person and the eligible spouse, and eligible children, who have not attained
the age of 26 years unless mentally or physically disabled and unable to earn any form of income. Any dependants
falling under this definition are included at no additional cost.)

So, if a person does not fall under the definition above and is a member on your plan, you can add them at an additional cost to your gap cover plan.

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