Discovery product updates for 2021

Discovery Product updates for 2021

Below are the Discovery Product updates for 2021, which include some offers- so take note.

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Discovery for Business launched

Updated: 30/05/18Discovery for Business has launched. So, the long awaited day has arrived… and Discovery has launched Discovery for Business… an updated take on the world of health for companies, business insurance (commercial insurance) and employee benefits in the form … Read more

Current Discovery Invest Special Offers

Updated: 14/12/20Discovery Invest Special Offers, currently running. These are the current Discovery Invest special offers.   Discovery invest special offer: A boost of up to 36% when clients invest in a lump-sum endowment (extended until 23 February 2021).     … Read more

Trump victory- impact on markets- Discovery Funds

Updated: 10/11/16Trump Victory- how does this impact Discovery Funds? Discovery Invest have just released an article indicating how they are viewing the Trump victory on their Discovery funds and the market as a whole. As this is very topical, I … Read more

Discovery Equity fund is ranked no. 1!

Updated: 15/09/16Dear All, Second post of the evening. I thought that i had best share this with you! Taken from the EDiscoverer dated Thursday 18/11/2010. Discovery Equity Fund first in its sector The Discovery Equity Fund was ranked first in … Read more

Performance highlights of the Discovery Funds

Updated: 15/09/16Performance highlights of the Discovery Funds Some performance highlights for the Discovery Funds from Discovery Invest up to 30 April 2010: The top performing Discovery Fund was the CROCI South Africa Fund with a performance of 52.09%. 22 from … Read more

Discovery Invest and Allan Gray

Updated: 15/09/16(Update: Sept 2016- still have the brochure, however, the Discovery product is updated again). Dear All, I have just been sent a comparison between Allan Gray and Discovery Invest. If you would like to view it, then please email … Read more

Discovery Invest finally launch “Guaranteed Return Plans”

Updated: 14/09/16Discovery still offer guaranteed return plans, which are often earning the best yield. (Original post) Well, hello again everyone. I know it has been ages since i added anything to this blog. However, it is year end and we … Read more