Current Discovery Invest Special Offers

Discovery Invest Special Offers, until the 30th of September 2019

(We previously kept all special offers on this page that Discovery Invest had run. However, the page was looking too complicated… so they have now been removed and only the current Discovery Invest Special offers are available on the page).


Receive contribution boosts to your recurring retirement annuity, your Discovery Retirement Optimiser or your companies Group Retirement Annuity (until the 30th of September 2019).

Clients investing in the recurring Retirement Annuity (RA), Discovery Retirement Optimiser (DRO) or Group Retirement Annuity (Group RA) before 30 June 2019 can receive contribution boosts based on Diamond Vitality Health, Vitality Drive and Vitality Money statuses with 100% Active Rewards for the first three months. After this, they will accrue contribution boosts normally.


Flyer explaining the offer (link below):

Recurring Contribution Boost from Discovery Invest flyer for retirement annuities.

Discovery Retirement Optimiser flyer for Discovery Retirement Optimiser policies.


Living annuity offer (until 30 September 2019).

Your clients can automatically receive the maximum income boosts for reaching their Vitality Health goals, based on their withdrawal level of income for the first six months.

This is great for those who are buying a living annuity… boost your retirement income by up to 50%.

Flyer explaining the offer (link below):

Living Annuity Discovery Invest flyer


Discovery Invest Offshore offers (till 24 October)

Local Endowments and Living Annuities (with conditions)

50% allocation to Offshore funds is allowed. Available till 24 Oct. The previous max was 30% allowed to Offshore on the local endowment.

Lump Sum Offshore endowments

Available for new and existing endowments from 1 September. The trustees and custodian fee, reduced from 0.5% to 0.25%.

10% upfront boost into underlying funds if client has Discovery Life plan of min R1050.


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