Current Discovery Invest Special Offers

Discovery Invest Special Offers, till 23 Nov 2018

Discovery Invest have just finished celebrating their 10 year anniversary and had some special offers running.

(We previously kept all special offers on this page that Discovery Invest had run. However, the page was looking too complicated… so they have now been removed and only the current Discovery Invest Special offers are available on the page).


Special offer for Lump Sum local Endowment plans (till 23 November 2018)

Clients can receive up to 30% extra on their lump sum endowment plans.

Discovery offer up to 26% extra into the lump sum endowment plan, they have extended that amount to up to a maximum of 30% extra!!!

This is worth looking at by anyone who is looking to do a lump sum endowment investment.

Minimum R60 000 lump sum.

The product does look at your life plan premium, however, even if you do not have a life plan… you can still receive a boost of up to 20% (if you are all invested in Discovery funds).

For more information, here is the brochure: up to up to 30% boost on your lump sum investment (i.e. not a global endowment).


7. Discovery Capital 200+ June tranche is available (till 21 September 2018).

The Discovery Capital 200+ is a five year product providing you with exposure to the performance of the European and US equity markets.

The product is a global portfolio comprising of the Eurostoxx 50 and S&P 500 indices with a minimum return of double the initial unit price if the global portfolio return is positive at the end of five years.

The minimum return of double the initial unit price is before the deduction of any Discovery administration fees,  initial and ongoing financial adviser fees, withdrawal fees and taxes, where applicable.

For more information, download here: till 21 September 2018 tranche



So, these are the Discovery Invest Special Offers… contact your advisor or us (contact form below).


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