Medical gap cover

What is medical gap cover?

Here is an entertaining little video from Stratum Benefits about what medical gap cover is.


Now that we have had a little entertainment, lets split this into gap cover for companies and gap cover for individuals (below).


Gap cover for companies

Why would you want an employer gap policy?

The most tempting reason, is that if you have 10 or more employees (voluntary or compulsory membership) that are wanting to go on gap cover (or perhaps already on), your company and employees could receive lower premium rates via a company group scheme.

We use Stratum Benefits and Discovery for this type of cover (you need to be on Discovery Health to use their gap cover).

I would suggest getting a quote for both options. You can contact us with the form just below. (you need to get a quote for group /company rates)

Medical gap cover would be used where you already have your employees on a medical aid, the gap cover would supplement this to ensure full coverage.

Important to note: Stratum Benefits allow for claim submission via their site and via paper, Discovery claims are picked up when the bills are submitted (as, if you are on Discovery Health they can see when a gap claim is due).


For more information i have i linked the 2021 brochures below for you to download:

Stratum Benefits Corporate product range overview (lists summaries of cover on their 3 plans

stratum 2021 corporate overview

Discovery gap cover brochure 2021

discovery brochure 2021


Contact form if you are interested in getting a quote on company gap cover.


Cover for Individuals

When we refer to gap cover for individuals, it means you are taking out your own membership, not through your company policy.

We offer cover through Stratum Benefits or Discovery Health (if a member of DH).


More information on both below:

Stratum Benefits have made their plans simpler, 3 types of plans. You can quickly see the overview of cover on the brochure, linked to download:





For Discovery Health gap cover, you need to be a member on Discovery Health, linked to download below for more information:



It is suggested to look at both (if on Discovery Health – otherwise only Stratum). The pricing is different for different memberships, so you should look to see which offers you best value.


Contact form for you to use if you want quote for individual membership on gap cover.