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In South Africa, health insurance is generally used as a cheaper option to belonging to medical aid.

Companies that cannot afford to subsidise full medical aid cover for their employees, may be able to pay for health insurance cover.

I have noticed that some individuals are also “downgrading” to these insurance plans. This is not always wisely done, as hospital cover is limited on health insurance plans. The major medical costs are in hospital events.

However, that being said, a lot of people want cover for day to day events, at a lower premium.

This is where these plans come into play.

They all use networks (as this is where the insurance companies can negotiate costs) and  some plans, cover accident cover in hospital to a limit.

Health insurance plans do offer day to day medical cover at a lower cost.

As at today, the insurance companies have not yet got their 2021 plans approved… so what follows is some downloads on the 2020 plans if you are interested in this cover.


We quote on Stratum Benefits and Discovery Health plans. Mostly, this is company based cover. Premiums in this event will differ on number of employees, type of industry and so on. So, you would need to contact us for a quote for your company (contact form at bottom of page).


Stratum Benefits health insurance plans for 2020


2020-Individual-Health-Insurance-Product-Range (click link to download)(Essential Primary Plus: Day to day benefit option; Emergency and Accident benefit option; Day to day and Emergency and Accident benefit option).

2020-Essential-Primary-Plus-Benefit-Option-Premium-Overview (click link to download)


2020-Corporate-Health-Insurance-Product-Range(click link to download)

Premiums: contact us for quote for company


Discovery Primary Care plans 2020

primary-care-for-business-employees-brochure (click link to download)(going to require a quote for your company – Contact us)

primary-care-for-household-employees-brochure (click link to download) (for your employees in your household, starts from R249 pm)

This household employee plan is specifically for situations where you may want to provide some type of medical cover for people working in your household. It is private medical cover, using a network. A very helpful benefit to offer someone working in your household.


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