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Helpful articles for understanding in Financial Services

I have written this page to try and help with common questions, issues of understanding, etc. in regards to anything within the financial services arena.

It is a page in progress.

Medical Aid and gap cover

Late joiner penalty (what is this)? This is for medical aid memberships, when you join.

Waiting Periods? Also an article written for medical aid memberships, when you join.

Employers- how do we change our medical aid scheme, without waiting periods for our members? (disclaimer: this is available every year to employers, you need to make sure that you have contacted someone in August already to get ready for this).


Discovery Vitality- what options are there now ? (written March 2018) Helpful, if you are getting confused with the different Vitality options.


Life assurance industry

Summary of the types of Life Plans available through Discovery Life (written Feb 2018). There are different plans available for different needs, so this just helps identify what you want. Most people will be using the normal Classic Life Plan.