Retrenchment benefit through Liberty Life

Good day Readers, Just a note… i am going to try and keep this blog updated with industry information that interests me from the viewpoint of a client. Therefore, the website (when i finally get it back in shape with … Read more

Liberty Life offer Diabetics (Type 1 and Type 11) the Opportunity to have Comprehensive Cover

(Update: Sept, 2016- Liberty still offer cover for diabetics). Dear All, I just received an interesting email from Liberty Life. They are now offering the opportunity for comprehensive cover for Diabetics, a first, this prompted me to send the information … Read more

Liberty offering Discounts

(Update: Sept, 2016- post relates to 2009- keeping on blog for historical purposes). Please be advised that Liberty Life are offering discounts of up to 10% on all Non- Accelerated Dread and Disability Benefits. Non Accelerated means that the benefit … Read more