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Updated: 29/09/22Website and Domains for Sale   This website (around since 2008) and the following associated domains are for sale:  

Covid-19/ Coronavirus Financial information

Updated: 6/04/20Information relating to Coronavirus for South Africa I have been getting queries not specifically related to Financial Services about Coronavirus. In the modern world with all the different channels, i am finding it impossible to keep up with these … Read more

Trackers Vehicle Crime index from July 2018 to June 2019

Updated: 22/08/19 Tracker have released their vehicle crime index. Showing most affected province and suburb for hijackings. Most affected province and suburbs for theft. Time of day when these occur. And there is an increase in hostage taking. Download the … Read more

Why we use Capital Legacy

Updated: 22/08/19Capital Legacy have become the Number One provider of Wills in South Africa (in 5 years) Capital Legacy have done this with innovation, developing partnerships and using broker networks. NOTE- IMPORTANT: Capital Legacy can now draw up a WORLDWIDE … Read more

FIA Awards 2018- Finalists!

Updated: 29/06/18The Financial Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa (FIA) awards, have announced their finalists for 2018. The FIA Awards are a leading measure of product supplier excellence. They are given based on an  independent survey of advisors, who are … Read more