Kenneth Williamson is the owner of this website.

Kenny Williamson owner of businessowner-cover.com

Kenny began his insurance career in the commissions area at Southern Life in 1989.

He then fulfilled different roles within the “Agency Field” area.

In 2001, Southern Life was amalgamated with Momentum Life and Kenny stayed on to help ensure the smooth transition of the Southern Life Agency Force payroll to Momentum Life.

Thereafter, he was contracted to Capital Alliance to help ensure the remainder of the Southern Life Agency force payroll was smoothly integrated there.

After the stint at Capital Alliance, he went on sabbatical to Israel and spent time with Mother Nature in a Kibbutz, finishing this with an exploratory trip to Ireland.

On his return to South Africa, he became a consultant with Discovery Consulting Services Peninsula, for three and a half years.

In 2007, he left to join a brokerage and get ‘closer’ to the client.

He is now an independent consultant operating under the licence of Vital Consult, a broker house based in Cape Town, South Africa (FSP no: 45363).

Kenny, has authorisation (chosen) to sell Discovery Health, Discovery Life, Discovery Invest and Discovery Group Life products, as well as Momentum Funds at Work (employee benefits); Hollard Life (mainly for pure life cover) and gap medical products.

The Majority of other product providers (life companies, investment houses and short term insurers) can also be accommodated, through Vital Consult.

This means that most product providers cover solutions, can be catered for.

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