Recommended business tools

Business tools for small businesses.

All small businesses suffer some of the same challenges.

Usually it is the founder starting the business, trying to do EVERYTHING… and …. answer the phone.

One of the earliest issues, is to make sure the business bank accounts are opened and used for all business transactions. Which of course leads to needing do some form of bookkeeping, banking reconciliations and so on.

Which leads me to our first highly recommended business tool:


The use of a cloud based accounting package is definitely getting more prevalent.

XERO accounting software, has attracted a huge following (which also means that enough accountants are now using it).

We recommend the use of this package.

Link for my last article on Xero accounting software.

WordPress for your company site

Many small or medium business owners will create and maintain their own company websites.

Many inevitably gravitate to the use of WordPress.

For self hosting business owners using WordPress, I have done some posts to help you optimise the performance of your site (as you would no doubt know, delays – cause members to go elsewhere).

So, there are some things that you can do to ensure that your sight has optimal speed and performance- keeping your visitors on your pages.

This is the Summary post: Summary of WordPress performance posts.

What next- payroll?

You’ve now got your accounting in order and your website is up and being maintained.

Chances are… you have hired some employees.

You could be paying via time cards, monthly or weekly salaries or a combination of commission and basic.

Then, in a country like South Africa, labour legislation and HR issues need to be kept up to date.

Perhaps you do not want the hassle of hiring someone for these functions. Solution: get the work outsourced and stay abreast of changes and get rid of the hassle.

We highly recommend talking with Infonetix (link to their site), who have designed a unique software interface for managing all these issues.

From small to large businesses are accommodated. Cloud functionality is also available.

From personal experience, they are also very good at handling custom payroll issues/solutions.


We will only list services here where we either use the product or have no hesitation in recommending, as it is something we would/ or still will be using.