Did you try Xero accounting software yet?

Time… and … accounting software!

How can accounting software give you more time?          I must be talking nonsense!

We covered the benefits and features of Xero cloud based accounting software, in this post:


I even showed you people using it. Did you try the accounting software?

No? Then your time, got in the way of your accounting software… freeing up more of your time.

What do you want in accounting software?

  • A lot of small businesses are still using spreadsheet software to do accounts- you don’t want this– you want:
  • Interactivity/ integration- you want to integrate with apps you already use, you want robust features- you want to send an invoice without having to go into another system.
  • You want the feeds from your bank account to be pulled into the system that you use, so that you don’t waste time recapturing what is already available right now.
  • You want to be able to let your accountant/ bookkeeper interact in real time, at the same time, if you desire this- so you can see the same thing together, even though you may be kilometres away from each other.
  • You want a cloud based solution, so that the system is available wherever and whenever and however (think mobile- think cell phone) you want.
  • You love the idea of taking a “selfie” of the bill and submitting it to your accounting software right there and then and it is stored in your system… instead of going home and putting it into the box of bills, (that your dog just ate half of).
  • You love the idea of the system being backed up through the cloud, of updates running immediately that they are available
  • You love pulling reports from your ipad or phone immediately, to help you with that quick decision.

These are some of the feelings you get when you run Xero accounting software.

I know… it’s a lot of “loving”!

Don’t believe me, here is a beautiful example from an MD of a firm that switched from another well known (in South Africa) accounting software package. I had to include it, it is so well written. Converting to Xero. (from Pastel)

How do I get started?


Click this link and register, or read more below.

Here are a couple of screen shots showing exactly how easy it is to start with the free trial of the Xero accounting software:

Xero- sign up for free trial
Xero- sign up for your free trial


Xero- check your email to confirm
Xero- check your email to confirm.


Add your organisation to start using Xero
Add your organisation to start using Xero
Xero- add your bank feeds
Xero- add your bank feeds


Xero- help videos
Xero- short videos showing each process

Can my small business use Xero?

Xero can be used as a solution by most small businesses, from High Tech to non- profits.


Here for your viewing pleasure are some of their stories:

Michelle, a sole proprietor, running a catering business in Denver, Colorado.

“The greatest thing about using Xero is at the end of the day I can immediately shoot my customer an invoice. And in order become better, and move forward, and create profits you have to be efficient. The mobility of Xero keeps you right on track.”

Michelle Garcia – Heirloom Catering

Ryan, a Ecommerce business owner, multiple channel business, including dropshipping.

“You start bringing on virtual workers, virtual resources, virtual partners, this is where Xero helps you and creates this connectivity among all these other layers and different organisations you work with.”

Ryan Pinke, Founder

John, owner- construction/ renovation company.

“Initially we went with QuickBooks for a few years. Once I saw that BuilderTrend and Xero had this integration, it just seemed like a no-brainer.”

John Struckmann, Owner

“Every minute I don’t have to spend on the computer with accounting is another minute I can be out in the community making a difference. Xero helps me make that difference.”

Erica Mohan, CEP Director

Where can I find accredited accountants using Xero in South Africa?

With Xero being a cloud based solution, you can access accountants using it worldwide (also nice if you business has a global footprint).

If you are purely looking to get going on the Xero accounting software in South Africa.

And you want an accountant that uses Xero, here is a link to the Xero page, that you can search for accountants all over South Africa:

Accountants search page for Xero software accreditation in South Africa, or (this seems to bring up more accountants), just google Xero accountant in (your area).

Pricing page for Xero again. Pricing page link.


Why Wait and Lose more time? TRY IT NOW.



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