No longer available on whatsapp

no longer available on whatsapp

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE DELETED WHATSAPP… I noted that the icon on my phone did not disappear after deleting WhatsApp. So, I went into Apps (Android) and disabled and force stopped WhatsApp… as it was not disabled… which probably … Read more

Did you try Xero accounting software yet?

Time… and … accounting software! How can accounting software give you more time?          I must be talking nonsense! We covered the benefits and features of Xero cloud based accounting software, in this post: I even showed you people using it. Did … Read more

Last Will and Testament.

Get your Last Will and Testament done. I have just put up a page, on your last will and testament, on the site. Link. I have been getting quite a few request about this. I am not sure if, as I … Read more

WordPress Performance- make your site SIZZLE! – Summary

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Summary of the 3 WordPress Performance posts Part 1– WordPress Performance. Introduction. Introduction Part 2. Fastest WordPress Theme. Good Host CDN- Content delivery network What Speed should I aim for? How do I start? Part 2– WordPress Performance. Upgrade to … Read more

WordPress Performance- make your site SIZZLE!- Part 3

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We have made it to Part 3 of the series on WordPress Performance for your site (the thrilling saga is now coming to an end). Congratulations! It’s a lot of reading. WordPress Performance- Common Sense and Plugins As we mentioned … Read more

WordPress Performance- make your site SIZZLE!- Part 2

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So, you have reached Part 2 of WordPress Performance for your site. (the thrilling saga continues). To reach Part 1, please click this link: Part 1 Previously on WordPress Perfomance for your site- make your site SIZZLE! We spoke about … Read more

WordPress Performance- make your site SIZZLE!-Part 1

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WordPress Performance for your site. WordPress is open source software and there is a thriving Wordpress community that likes to help each other, with that same sense of openness. I have been playing around on this site to try and get it … Read more

Accounting- freaking you out??

Accounting can be tedious! When you are starting a new business, or running a busy business… do you really need more of your time spent on doing things that don’t produce an income? Well, I have come across a brilliant and … Read more