Free course on Digital analytics/ Google Analytics now.

Updated: 15/09/16Dear All, Just for anyone who is interested, there is a nice short course on the basics of Google analytics available now. Should take you around 4 to 6 hours and you can access your course certificate (80% pass … Read more

New addition to website and blog.

Updated: 15/09/16Good evening all, I have created a short 7 question survey. This is basically to find out where i can help by providing more information and on what topics. Please help the process along and pay it forward by … Read more

Update to Company International Health Insurance on website

Updated: 15/09/16(Post kept for historical significance) – Sept, 2016 I have just updated the Company International Health Insurance page with Bupa Internationals’ latest company information. The address is: (Link removed Sept, 2016) Kenny Williamson

Update to

Updated: 15/09/16(Update Sept, 2016- kept this post for historical purposes) Good day everyone, I have finally put up a page which gives more information on Bupa International. It has links to the brochures for the new Worldwide Health Options product. … Read more

contact form updated and removed from site

Updated: 15/09/16(Update Sept, 2016- kept post for history) Please note that i have removed the discovery health breakdown page from As it has not yet been updated. I will put it back up when done. And now a question … Read more

Death and the preparing

Updated: 15/09/16(Update: Sept, 2016. This post is still valid. Checklist that you should all use) (Original post) I just received an email regarding what needs to be done should someone in your family die. You never really think about this … Read more


Updated: 15/09/16(Update: Sept, 2016- posting kept only for historical purposes). Dear All, Please remember to subscribe to this blog, to do so use the subscribe button on the left hand side. I will keep it up to date with the … Read more

What to look for in Travel Health Insurance.

Updated: 15/09/16(Update: Sept, 2016- posting kept for historical purposes only) I have just submitted an article to Ezine Articles called “What to look for in Travel Health Insurance”, it can be viewed on my website. Have also attended the new … Read more