Motor Insurance and Household Insurance

Looking for Motor Insurance and Household Insurance?

I have been receiving quite a few requests for Motor Insurance and Household Insurance, through Discovery Insure.

The Discovery Insure product offering operates from the same premise as the Discovery core purpose ( to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives); their goal is to make South Africans better drivers, which is one of the most cost effective ways to help lower costs in your insurance premiums.

Using Discovery Insure effectively will require you to take a more pro-active approach in your insurance cover.

I have put this web page together to try and make things easier to understand.

If you simply want an easy quote, use form directly below.

Otherwise please feel free to read on below the form for a bit of an explanation of the Discovery Insure product.

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If you are on this page and you do not want to interact more with your insurance (and do not want fuel rewards and so on)- then we can request comparative quotes for you, through other companies.

You would need to complete this contact form ( directly below this sentence). We would need to request your current insurance schedule (if you have insurance) and proceed from there.

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Discovery Insure’s biggest advantage in my opinion, is that you can get up to 50% of your fuel spend back (double into your excess funder account); have access to a tracker on your vehicle ( and access to value adds like Impact Alert), you can take part in the Vitality drive rewards; besides the fact that you can also get more Vitality points (if on Vitality programme) and get a higher guaranteed annual payback (if you have a Discovery Life policy with this activated).

All in all, the products integrate really well and you can take advantage of these benefits really easily.

So, how do i go about getting a Discovery Insure quote?

Continue reading below to find out more about the product.

My Summary of what the Discovery Insure product offers:

Firstly, there are 4 plan options you can choose from when you want a quote with Discovery Insure.

  • The Classic Plan: This is the original Discovery Insure plan type. Most people use this plan. It offers up to 50% fuel rewards, some no excess benefits and wide coverage and higher limits. It is for the financially prudent person, who values the benefits.
  • The Purple Plan: this is for the high net worth consumer. It offers up to 50% fuel rewards, a multi-vehicle benefit, flexible portable possessions cover and wide coverage with lower excesses. It is for clients who have insured assets of R5 million or more and who appreciate the personalised service.
  • The Essential Plan: This is for someone who is cost conscious. It offers up to 25% fuel rewards. It is for clients who require at least R250 000 in household contents cover.
  • The Dynamic Plan: hassle free plan for price sensitive clients, who want to enjoy immediate benefits. It offers up to 12% premium discount. Clients can get an up to 12% upfront and ongoing vehicle premium discount for driving well, or a loading for poor driving behaviour.

(The Discovery Insure Dynamic Plan matches the Essential Plan in all aspects of cover, benefits, features and
rewards, except for fuel rewards, the Excess Funder Account and the 5 Star Days benefit which are replaced
with the dynamic discount. The Smart Insurance benefit is not available to Dynamic Plan clients.)

The above is self explanatory, you decide whether you want the cheapest possible cover (Essential and Dynamic) or whether you want to use your fuel rewards towards lowering your premium.

You need to decide what type of cover you want:

Home Owner / Building Insurance:

This is the insurance you have for the actual building. Mostly, this is covered through the bank that has provided the mortgage. It is usually linked to that mortgage through their insurance provider.

You can request for the quote and change the cover to the provider you want.

The replacement value of the building is worked out on a per square metre basis. There are companies available that will do this for you. It is not the market value of a property that a realtor/ estate agent would give you (this includes the land value).

Most insurance companies also have tools that you can use to work out an approximate building value (including outbuildings, walls, paving, etc.).

Portable Possessions Cover:

These are items / insured assets that you carry with you that you want to insure for “all risks”, i.e. a laptop that you travel with outside of your home. You may want this covered for replacement for when you are away from your house. (it wouldn’t be a claim if someone stole it whilst away from home if you did not have it under portable possessions cover).

Motor Vehicle Insurance:

This is the insurance in the event of something happening to your motorcar, e.g. motor vehicle is stolen.

The loan provider or car dealership that sold you the motor vehicle will also offer cover for your motor vehicle.

Although, it is often more cost effective to have your cover for house/ household contents and motor vehicle through one policy.

Vitality drive programme:

This is the “motor” insurance version of Discovery’s other behaviour changing programme, Vitality.

It ties everything together, i would not recommend using Discovery Insure without it (if you have a motor vehicle on your insurance plan).

It is the programme that allows for the fuel rewards, discounts at partners and so on… it works like the Vitality programme … in that, it gives you a status (blue, bronze, silver, Gold and Diamond) for better driving behaviour (which in turn, lowers claims and so on).

More information on Discovery Insure and points to watch out for:

In the interests of keeping this page short… and so that someone actually reads a web page… here are a few points of interest.

Building cover: you have access to flexible excesses, Home Assist and Home Protector within the product. (security, plumber call out, etc.)

Household contents: you have access to Home Assist, Home Protector, an Online Vault (through the Discovery site), you can also access a no-average guarantee. You can also access a tool that will help make your life easier when you value the replacement values of your insured items (on this, it is highly recommended that you do value your items regularly and when you get new items – so that you are not under-insured and suffer losses as a result at claims stage).

Portable possessions: there are a couple of unique features here.

What i consider most important is that you retain proof of ownership of these items and any other household items and i.d’ s and also get valuation certificates for items like jewellery( proof_of_ownership_valuation)… and put these all into the Online Vault (Online Vault) (click the links to see how and why).

Motor Vehicles: If you are under 30 years old, you can utilise the Smart Insurance for young drivers. Under 26 years old, you can use the the_young_adult_benefit.

Add the Vitality drive option- how to maximise your fuel rewards.

Do not forget you have the option of a Write-off accelerator (lowers the percentage of damage needed for the car to be written off ) and the Retail Value Booster (increases the retail value on your car) as well as Credit Shortfall protection (pays the difference between retail value and amount owing to credit provider).

Vitality Drive: there are 2 options- a stand alone DQ Track and a Smartphone enabled DQ track.

Here is the dq_track_guide.

The DQ track allows for extra benefits, for instance- informing Discovery if you are in a crash for immediate assistance, a logbook capability (you can download kilometres- for SARS for instance) and more.

The Smartphone enabled DQ Track is easiest to install, the stand alone is a “deep” install- which means the technicians will install, away from prying eyes. The deep install allows for stolen vehicle recovery (at a monthly fee). There is a fee for activation on both versions and a fee for the Vitality drive.

Also, NOTE– there is a new benefit which allows for your tyres to be bought from Tiger Wheel and Tyre and paid from your excess funder account. I have used this benefit, it is a truly wonderful option… so you may consider getting your fuel rewards paid into your excess funder account (discovery doubles them) and build that up a bit before changing to cash back.

You will build up a Vitality drive status, through good driving, some online tests (like the eyegym- yes, gym for your eyes- the South African cricket team also do this).

As your status improves, so do your rewards.

You can also get short term rewards (like a smoothie, coffee, etc.) for driving well, per 100 km (i have seen this change my partners driving behaviour, she is now a Diamond driver – except for parallel parking sic.).

Overall, your fuel rewards can effectively lower your premium substantially!

I hope that this page has helped those of you interested in Discovery Insure somewhat. Remember that things change… so this was written as at Sept 2018. I will attempt to keep this up to date as best as i can.

Obviously, a quote will give you the most comprehensive outlook on your expected cover, so don’ hesitate to request.

SPECIAL OFFER: Discovery have opened the Vitality and Vitality drive programmes for 10 weeks for all in South Africa… they want to see if doing this will make a change to behaviour in South Africa and get people active and driving well.

3 Options to get a quote

Read through above to get a general understanding, then:

  1. Email for quote on “”. Include your current schedule and annexures (if insured). Decide if you want anything changed: personal possessions (new watch that should be on, etc.), is your household contents correct etc. In other words, look through your schedule and decide if anything needs to change. Also send the consent to request credit score form.
  2. Or, complete a motor_vehicle_household_contents_and_buildings quote request form and email it to “”
  3. Or, use the contact form below and we will contact you.

Claims and a few things to be done directly after activating your Discovery Insure plan

Download the Discovery App. If you have the standalone DQ Track, you don’t need to download the Discovery Insure App. You can use the normal DIscovery App.

If you have the Smartphone DQ track for your vehicle, download the Discovery Insure app.

Claims can be logged via the discovery website or via the app (or calling Discovery Insure 0860 751 751)

The app is nice at an accident, as you can take pictures of the accident and load directly into the ‘claim” on the app. It also prompts you for questions you may forget after an accident (as you are almost always in shock).

If you have Standalone DQ Track, REMEMBER, you have 14 days to set appointment on the discovery website to get the tracker fitted.

Take your vehicle to Tiger Wheel and Tyre, to do your annual multipoint check (R95)- so you can increase your fuel rewards to up to 50%.

Remember to activate your Vitality drive card, and use BP or Shell for fuel and to swipe the card.

If you have Smartphone enabled DQ Track, remember your pre- inspection of vehicle,… you can take photos and submit (doing it yourself if you want).

Remember to load your important items onto the online vault (valuations, i.d.’s, proof of ownerships)

Otherwise… GOOD DRIVING!