Discovery Health updates for 2021

The Discovery Health updates for 2021 include a strong focus on digital care/ virtual care.

Connected Care:

This new initiative is called “Connected Care“. You should watch the video below on the digitisation of healthcare.

Discovery have taken huge strides in this regard, i view it as the future of healthcare. It lowers cost and improves access. You can be diagnosed clinically at home (through devices). An e-script issued by the online doctor. The medicines you need can be dispatched directly through med x press to your home. And, you have the capability to track the medicine en route to you.

You can even recuperate at home after a hospital admission. Or be treated at home instead of, or before, being admitted. Chronic sufferers have access to other devices that can provide monitoring of their condition and this information can be relayed directly to their treating doctor.

This is a silent ‘revolution’ in healthcare in my mind. (will be very interesting to see how people use this, in next years figures).


Discovery prepaid health:

Another beneficial initiative, is the buying/ pre- buying of packets of healthcare (if you are not on the scheme). There is a large proportion of people unable to afford healthcare (private healthcare). Or, buying care as and when they need it, in an expensive manner.

This opens up the market to them, in the sense that you can buy your healthcare at a discounted price (visit to a GP, etc.). This initiative is known as “Discovery Prepaid Health”. It is administered off a simple digital platform (app) where you can select the healthcare you want and the amount of money you want to spend.

You can also share this healthcare with others. For instance, if someone you know needs to see a GP and cannot afford it, you can share the healthcare token with them. Simply send them the paid healthcare token.

Click this link to find out more about this Discovery prepaid Health option (links to Discovery site).


Shariah Compliance:

Want to join a Shariah compliant option of your plan. Now you can.

Click this link to find out more about the Shariah compliant option. (links to Discovery site).

Discovery Health updates for 2021- video format


Video on the Digitisation of Healthcare:


This is a seperate page for Vitality updates for 2021 (click link).

To join a medical aid, use this page.

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