Special Offers Discovery Life

Discovery Life have launched some amazing special offers—-


These special offers discovery life are valid until 15 Dec 2018.


Some Discovery Life Special offers for existing clients and some for new clients!


Dollar Life Plan offer

Lock in an exchange rate of R9.90/$1 on a new Dollar Life Plan for three years.

South Africa’s first and only life plan that pays out in US Dollars.

If you have any assets out of the country, this can definitely help you. Or, you simply want a life policy that pays out in the most widely used currency… everyone should have a Dollar life plan.

And with this exchange rate secured for 3 years, what a bonus.

Minimum Dollar Life Plan premium of $50 (R495) a month. Has a Dollar Payback Fund.

For more comprehensive information, here is the dollar-life-plan-technical-flyer till 15 Dec 2018

Severe Illness Benefit offer

Get twice as much Severe Illness cover for the same premium.

You can experience Discovery Life’s award-winning LifeTime Max 200% Severe Illness Benefit for the same effective premium as the LifeTime Max 100% Severe Illness Benefit for the first three years of their policy. This gives you the potential to get up to double the payout on a qualifying life-changing event while paying a substantially lower effective premium.

For more comprehensive information, here is the severe-illness-brochure till 15 Dec 2018

Vitality Rating offer

Healthy clients can get rewarded with a guaranteed cashback of up to 50%.

In order to encourage all clients to lead a healthy lifestyle and get their health metrics in range, all qualifying Vitality
Rating clients will receive guaranteed PayBacks of up to 50% over the first three years of their policy.

This is a really nice payback offer.

For more comprehensive information, here is the vitality-rating-flyer offer till 15 dec 2018


Global Education Protector offer

As a parent you always want the best for your child. With Discovery Life’s Global Education Protector, you can make sure they get the best. Should something happen to you, your children’s education from crèche to tertiary is covered at some of the best institutions both locally and abroad. Better yet, if you don’t claim and lead a healthy lifestyle through our Vitality programme, you can fully fund their tertiary tuition fees.

When you take out the Global Education Protector from Discovery, you will immediately get a minimum of up to 33% of your children’s tertiary tuition fees funded through the University Funder Benefit. The guaranteed percentage is based on your child’s age when you take out the policy and on the benefit you select. By engaging in Vitality, you can increase the amount of your children’s tertiary education fees that we will fund to up to 100% (subject to specified rand maximums).

For more comprehensive information, here is the gep-brochure-final offer till 15 Dec 2018

(Aside:   Out of more than 320 innovations from 45 countries across 5 continents, the Global Education Protector placed as the best Disruptive Life Insurance Product at the Efma−Accenture Global Innovation in Insurance Awards)

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