Free Vitality mental wellbeing session

Free Vitality mental wellbeing session on Tuesday, 13th of October 2020.

I think we could all benefit from a free vitality mental wellbeing session (webinar). I will see you there.

The first “public” session is faciliated by the inimitable Riaad Moosa, who i had the joy of watching recently in another webinar (and he had me in tears of laughter).

The first webinar takes place at 17:30… so a bit of mental wellbeing for Tuesday evening.

You and your clients are invited to two free Vitality mental wellbeing webinars on Tuesday, 13 October. There will be two sessions, one for the public at 17:30 and one for healthcare professionals at 18:45.

Clients can sign up for the Vitality mental wellbeing webinars here.

Riaad Moosa will facilitate the first session with Bonnie Mbuli, Dr Colinda Linde and Dr Seranne Motilal. They will explore various sides of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it’s affected people’s mental wellbeing. Dr Motilal will also share insights on mental resilience – what it is, why it’s important and how it’s measured.

In the second session for healthcare professionals, Dr Motilal will join Dr Noluthando Nematswerani, Dr Florence Baingana, Dr Soraya Seedat and NHS Associate Chief Clinical Information Officer Dr Harpreet Sood. They’ll explore how COVID-19 has affected mental health in South Africa, the transition to digital mental healthcare, and how doctors in primary care can help patients cope.

Remind your Vitality clients that they can earn 500 Vitality points for completing key mental wellbeing assessments on resilience, depression, anxiety, wellbeing, drinking and sleep. They can do the assessments twice a year and earn 1 000 Vitality points.

Read this article for more information.

It would actuall be very interesting to hear attendees views on sessions like these. Especially something like mental health.

Does it make you feel better?

Would appreciate you commenting below once you have attended the session and i will pass on to Discovery and let them know.


(information from Discoverys: eDiscoverer 08.10.2020)

P.s. don’t forget to make sure you read the Discovery product updates for 2021.

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