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I just received an email regarding what needs to be done should someone in your family die.

You never really think about this much when alive, so a suggestion would be to create a place of safekeeping where you could keep as much of the information pertaining to the following list as possible…thereby making things happen much smoother for your dependants should you die:

(with thanks to Estate Planning Essentials newsletter of the 7th of April 2009- Tiny Carroll and Daleen Harris).

1 Original Death Certificate and BI- 1663 Notification of Death Form
2 Identity Documents of deceased
3 Name, address of employer and salary number of deceased
4 Details of Pension Fund
5 Name, address and reference number of Medical Aid Society
6 Income tax details (including details of accountants)
7.a Name, address and telephone number of deceased’s usual doctor
7.b Name, telephone number and case numbers from Police Station should the deceased
have died of unnatural causes (e.g. motor
Vehicle accident, suicide,etc.)
8 Partnership agreement and name, address of partners
9.a Particulars of Close Corporation or Business
9.b Name and number of Auditor/ Accounting Officer
10 Details of divorced and predeceased spouses
11 Ante nuptial contracts, divorce agreements and maintenance agreements
12.a Title deed in respectof fixed property
12.b Rates and taxes account and / or details of Body Corporate or the Managing Agents
13 Original registration certificates in respect of motor vehicles
14 Firearms – to be handed to the Executor for safekeeping
15 Certificates/ details in respect of timeshare
16 Share Certificates (stock exchange or private companies)
17 Hire and letting contracts
18 Cheque books, investment statements, credit cards, ATM cards
19 Insurance Policies – whether payable to the estate or to a third party
20 Details of short term insurance (motor vehicle, contents of house, etc.)
21 Accounts owing by the deceased
22 Copies of Identity Documents of beneficiaries and marriage details
23 Copies of birth certificates if minor beneficiaries

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