Why we use Capital Legacy

Capital Legacy have become the Number One provider of Wills in South Africa

(in 5 years)

Capital Legacy have done this with innovation, developing partnerships and using broker networks.

My take on them is as follows.

They have a fiduciary company and an insurance company.

The one supports the other.

This quote is taken directly from their website, which i truly believe that they stand by:

We are passionate about reducing the legal costs that could erode the legacy you leave your family and beneficiaries by offering the most innovative services and products.

The fiduciary company does the drafting/ processing/storage of the Wills and associated tasks. They also do the administration of estates when someone dies.

The insurance company helps protect people against the costs that happen at death. They also help to educate people with explanations of the costs at death. Some that you wouldn’t even normally consider in financial planning.

Capital Legacy does the second part of the above (the protection against costs) through the use of their insurance policy, called the LEGACY PROTECTION PLAN™.

I have used some of their youtube videos to help explain this post a bit better (thank you Capital Legacy)

This will give you a better idea of the real cost of dying:

Doubt the importance of planning for death?

Here are 3 testimonials/ stories of people that have been helped through Capital Legacy



Capital Legacy have launched (May 2018) even more extensive additions to their insurance product- making it even more valuable “in” addition to your will.


you can still use the lawyer, etc. that you want to use to draft your will and be executor, if you already have one you want to use. Capital Legacy have an option for interacting/working with other professionals, so you can still use the protection of the LEGACY PROTECTION PLAN™ to fund for those costs– so a win/win for all.

Also Note: existing policy holders will experience some of the benefits (like fee reductions on death) without further cost. Capital Legacy have rolled this out for existing members and will advise those who now have even better benefits at no extra cost.

Capital Legacy have kindly done a series of explainer videos, which are available via youtube.

If you are still watching or reading, then the chances are this is something that interests you… so i have put them below for you.

How does the LEGACY PROTECTION PLAN™ work?

This is the order that the videos are in, starting with the full plan overview, then explaining more about each aspect of the plan.. enjoy.

  • Legacy Protection Plan™ overview
  • Legacy Services™
  • Indemnity Plan™
  • Immediate Liquidity™
  • Estate Overheads Protector™
  • Estate Gap Cover™


If you still want to look into this further, here are the brochures for more detailed information,


The Legacy Protection Plan™

Legacy Services™ Brochure

Indemnity Plan™


Fee Plan™ and Group Benefactor™ 2018

Immediate Liquidity™

Estate Overheads Protector™

Estate Gap Cover™

Request for Will

If you want to be contacted about drawing up a will and / or a Legacy Protection Plan™.

Please use this contact form (if you are not an existing client- i will ask for a Capital Legacy consultant to contact you).




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