New Discovery Vitality products

There have again been changes to Discovery Vitality.

This post is to try and help make all these Discovery Vitality products a little easier to understand.

(disclaimer- i am an independant broker and do not work for Discovery, this is my interpretation).

Current Discovery Vitality products:

Driving in your car

Discovery Insure (the motor and household insurance) have a “Vitality” product, which is called Vitalitydrive. 

The intention of the Vitalitydrive product is to create better drivers on South African roads. Most accidents and deaths, on our roads, can be attributed to driver behaviour. Therefore, Vitalitydrive is intended to help change driver behaviour for the better. It does this through the use of a points system, you receive points for various activities.

The product links with a telematics device that records acceleration, breaking, speeding, and so on. There is a standalone device; and an app linked device, that is linked through your cellphone (which can record that you are using your phone whilst driving, for instance- amongst other things).

There are rewards for driving well. You pay a fee to be on the programme.


There is also what is called Vitalitydrive Active Rewards, this shortens the ‘reward’ time (another human behavioural trait) to weekly, where you need to achieve a short term goal… you can get a ‘smaller’ reward more often… (i prefer the coffee from Vida e Caffe). 

You only need to drive an event free 100 km’s to start enjoying these rewards. The activation of these rewards is automatic and there is no cost for this.

Note: there are also “suprise” rewards for 3 weeks in a row of meeting your goal. You spin a wheel and get a reward, in addition to your normal weekly reward (holidays, shopping, etc.).

Here is Vitalitydrive Active Rewards brochure

Here is the Vitalitydrive rewards brochure.

“Vitality”:- this is the original Discovery Vitality wellness product.

The intention is to help create healthier lifestyles in members. The programme is being utilised across the World by many other insurance companies, as Discovery has been a forerunner in the science of changing behaviour through this programme.

And the benefits in the health and wellness of their clients is showing. This programme links to other Discovery companies, where the health of the client is of importance and where the underwriting of a client is important.

Which means that in Discovery Life’s offerings you can earn a discount based on having this product in place, better paybacks and so on. This is because, you can be underwritten in relation to your actual health and lifestyle as your usage on the programme is tracked (this is a very simplified explanation).

The programme costs a fee to join and you ‘earn’ points through your behaviour on the programme.

NOTE: you can earn significantly higher paybacks on your Discovery Life Plan by interacting with the programme and raising your status.

There is a fee for joining Vitality, many rewards are available for being on the programme and for increasing your Vitality status.

This is the Vitality and Discovery Card brochure for 2018.

Please note that Vitality can also play a role if you have Discovery Group Life cover, a Discovery Invest product, including a Discovery Group Retirement plan.

New Discovery Vitality Products

Vitality Move and Vitality Active and Vitality Purple (launched last year)

Vitality Move:

This is a product for all Discovery Health members. The intention here is to get people to complete their health check (remember that this is paid from risk on the medical aid).

This is the information, taken directly from Discovery communication:

Ready. Set. Move.
Did you know that your clients on a Discovery Health Medical Scheme can join Vitality Move for FREE? Once your clients have joined, they can stand the chance to win back the HealthyFood portion of their shopping spend every time they swipe their Smart Shopper card at Pick n Pay. They can also win back their full shopping basket limited up to R1 000 if they complete a Vitality Health Check.

Here’s how your clients can get started:

  1. They will need to sign up for a Pick n Pay Smart Shopper card and register the card online at or at a Smart Shopper kiosk in store.
  2. Dial *120*6683# to activate Vitality Move for free and link the Pick n Pay Smart Shopper card.

Which of your clients qualify?
To qualify for this benefit, your clients must have a Discovery Health Medical Scheme plan or a plan from certain schemes administered by Discovery Health (Pty) Ltd. If they are not the main member, your client must be listed as an adult dependant who is 18 years or older.

As mentioned above, Vitality Move is a free programme.

(Unfortunately, i am waiting on a correction of an error to download the Move brochure from Discovery. When it is fixed, i will download and make available here).

The brochure download has now been fixed, here it is: vitality_move

Vitality Active

This is a programme designed for young adults, under the age of 30 on Discovery Health or a Discovery Life Plan. Its purpose is to encourage you and reward you as you drive better and get healthier.

(Aside: many deaths and disabilities under the age of 30 are from road accidents- so the biggest catalyst for change here – is driving behaviour).

This is the information, taken directly from Discovery communication:

Get active. Drive well. Get rewarded with Vitality Active.

The Vitality Active programme is designed specifically for your younger clients under 30 on Discovery Health Medical Scheme or a Discovery Life Plan. It is an in-app based programme that combines Vitality Active Rewards and Vitality drive components to encourage and reward your clients as they get healthier and drive better.

For a monthly contribution of R40 for each member, your clients can enjoy even greater benefits, which include:

  • 25% off their monthly gym fees at selected Virgin Active or Planet Fitness clubs
  • Weekly coffees, smoothies or popcorn for achieving their fitness and drive goals. Your clients earn 50% of their reward when they achieve one of these weekly goals
  • Surprise rewards when they achieve a 3-in-a-row goal streak for fitness or driving
  • A Vitality health status and a Vitality drive status, which can be carried over when they upgrade to Discovery Vitality or Discovery Insure
  • Up to 100% of their qualifying Discovery Life Smart Plan premiums back

Vitality Active is also available to clients over 30 for a monthly contribution of R60 for each member where only their fitness activity will be tracked. These clients will only earn Vitality fitness points and a Vitality health status plus enjoy 25% off their monthly gym fees at selected Virgin Active and Planet Fitness clubs.

View the Vitality Active benefit guide for more information.

Get healthy. Get rewarded.

This is the vitality_active_benefit_guide

Note : the Vitality Active Rewards for Life; is now known as Vitality Active and the premium has been changed to R60 per month (from R27 per month).

Vitality Purple (this was phased in during last year).

This is a programme intended for higher net worth clients. There are more significant benefits and it has a higher cost than Vitality alone.

This is more information, taken directly from Discovery communication:

Vitality Purple has been designed for the most discerning of clients – offering world-class rewards, luxury experiences and unsurpassed service levels including:

  • A Discovery Purple Private Consultant on hand to assist your clients with queries related to their Discovery portfolio
  • 50% off a Discovery Executive Wellness experience
  • Up to 75% off at any Virgin Active or Planet Fitness gym, including Virgin Active Classic and Planet Fitness Platinum gyms
  • The option to build a customised home gym with Technogym and Wattbike equipment at low monthly rental rates
  • A personalised 12-week training programme with the Vitality Purple Elite Coaching Panel
  • Up to 50% off a spa treatment at a range of spas
  • Up to 50% cash back on high-end fitness devices; a maximum of 25% off leading road and mountain bikes, or golf clubs
  • Exclusive access to iconic global sporting and entertainment experiences.

Your clients can upgrade to Vitality Purple if they are on a Discovery Executive Health plan or a Purple Life plan with any Discovery Health plan linked to Vitality. To upgrade they must complete this application form and send it to Click here for an overview of the application process.

Number of membersVitality and Vitality Purple combined premiumVitality premium (excluding Vitality Purple premium)Vitality Purple portion of premium
Member + 1R459R289R170
Member + 2R499R329R170

Purple Life clients that you signed up in 2017 can now upgrade to Vitality Purple. However, to qualify they must already have a Vitality membership linked to their Life policy.

Here is the application form for Vitality Purple (if you meet the requirements): app-to-join-vitality-purple


I hope that this posting has in some way helped with understanding your Discovery Vitality options available in 2018.



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