Help others and get Tax relief!

Every now and then there are exciting developments in this industry! Some of them appear before their time, yet are not. In South Africa, there is a huge under insurance gap for people in terms of life and disability cover. … Read more

Happy belated Birthday wishes to Discovery Life on their 10 year anniversary!

I would like to wish Discovery Life a belated Happy 10th Anniversary! The past 10 years have been exciting and your product innovation has been wonderful to behold. May the next 10 years be just as exciting.

Discovery Life Special Offer extended until the 31st of May 2010.

I have been advised that the special offer which allows additional life cover and a boost to the Payback ™ benefit, has been extended until the 31st of May 2010. If you want further information, please email me at, … Read more

Discovery update from their EDiscover email newsletter 22/04/2010

(Update Sept, 2016- post kept historically significant) (original post) Hello Everyone, With Tuesday a public holiday in South Africa, let me wish all those taking Monday off a happy long weekend. News: Discovery Life will be launching updates to their … Read more

Cover for Diabetics through Discovery Life

(Update: Sept, 2016- post still valid, Discovery have always provided cover for diabetics). Dear All, I published a blog entry last Friday stating that Liberty Life now offer cover for diabetics. I have been informed by a Discovery Life underwriter … Read more

Your benefits through Discovery Life

(Update, Sept 2016- post kept for historical purposes) Discovery Life have launched something that i was creating a long time ago and never finished as benefits keep changing. In a nutshell…it lets you know which version of the Discovery Life … Read more

South African medical schemes – the late joiner penalty.

Late joiner penalty – medical schemes. The Medical Schemes Act makes provision for a late joiner penalty to be applied to members (of medical schemes) over the age of 35, who have not belonged to a registered South African medical scheme … Read more