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Good day to all,

I have downloaded an article taken from the Money Marketing, page 23. Dated the 30 of June 2010.

I decided to put it up on the blog as i know that some of you are interested in claims that are actually paid by life companies.

Some of the interesting points:

  • There has been no huge growth in life / risk policyholders in the last 10 years, yet claims payouts have doubled
  • 28% of stroke victims claim again. Makes a good point for taking cover with “true” multiple claims cover.
  • People are living longer and a 75 year old is 17 times more likely to suffer a heart attack than a 40 year old. So make sure that you have severe illness/critical illness/dreaded disease cover for the whole of your life. Discovery Life will accept cover till age 75 for severe illness (obviously, depending on your health).

I hope you enjoy reading the article, click  here. (link removed- old)


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