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Good evening everyone,

I have just updated the site with a GAP cover page. It can be viewed here, (link removed- old). New link: gap cover

In a nutshell GAP cover is to provide extra certainty for those who want the cover should a Doctor/ Specialist charge above the rate that their medical aid scheme pays. (This has become a MUST HAVE, considering what is happening with bills way above scheme rate- November 2017 comment).

It has now been approved as a valid product (it was previously a grey area), as it was considered to be doing the business of a medical scheme. Which meant that gap cover products would have had to have been registered as South African medical schemes.

This is no longer the case and we are therefore offering a gap cover product.

2 Options:

The pure gap cover…offering up to 5 times the National Reference Price List/ Scheme rate for related accounts in hospital. —-

this has been supplemented with some upgraded cover options on most gap providers, to fill other gaps in medical aid cover that arise.

The 2 options are Company schemes gap cover, or joining as an individual member. (Company schemes can be slightly cheaper, depending on the company size).

If you want gap cover, use the contact form at top of the site to contact me.


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