CrowdSearch Sensor

The CrowdSearch Sensor is available from 4 June

What is the CrowdSearch Sensor?

Here is an explanation of the CrowdSearch sensor, taken from the web:

Crowdsearch is a vehicle recovery solution that uses a wireless device hidden within vehicles to connect with a “crowd” of smartphones to track stolen vehicles in real time and to relay the location for recovery.

Why am i blogging about this?

Well, as it is now available for high end vehicles on Discovery Insure- i know they will be getting tons of data on its usage and considering that most people have smart phones now… it should be instrumental in recovering many stolen vehicles.

But, what i find more interesting: i think of it like the “cloud” on the internet… imagining the passing of identification between groups of smartphones, using the smartphones themselves as identifiers of that signal… just imagine the information you can glean from something like this!

And, how could you ever stop it. Once the groups of cell phones start delivering the information, more and more will be included passing on and passing on… and somewhere deep within the denizens of the data scientists, reams and reams (terrabytes and terrabytes) of data is forming complete pictures on groups of peoples behaviours…

THIS HAS ALL THE EARMARKS OF GETTING REALLY BIG AND REALLY FAST… forget Uber… think smartphones communicating and algorithms running and possibilities!


Anyway, that’s my blurb.


Here is the information taken straight from Discovery’s eDiscoverer (their weekly communication newsletter):

CrowdSearch now available

As you know, any high-risk vehicle that Discovery Insure covers must have a working SVR (stolen-vehicle recovery) unit installed, in accordance with our underwriting guidelines.

From 4 June, certain clients with higher risk vehicles, who select the smartphone-enabled DQ-Track, will be able to go to Tiger Wheel & Tyre and get our CrowdSearch sensor fitted. Doing this will then help clients meet their stolen-vehicle recovery requirements. SmartAdvice will indicate if a client qualifies as part of the quote. The stolen-vehicle recovery premium for the CrowdSearch sensor will be R80 a month.

Benefits of the CrowdSearch sensor to your clients:

  • It is quick and easy to install. The CrowdSearch sensor will be installed in your client’s vehicle by a Tiger Wheel &Tyre agent at a Tiger Wheel & Tyre store.
  • It includes all the smartphone-enabled DQ-Track technology, including safety features, rewards and immediate feedback through the Discovery Insure app.
  • Clients have further safety through the CrowdSearch stolen-vehicle recovery. In the event of a car theft, clients will have to call our call centre to start the recovery services.

Where a new client already has an approved third-party stolen-vehicle recovery unit in their vehicle, they do not have to pay the R80 stolen-vehicle recovery fee for their CrowdSearch sensor.

All other stolen-vehicle recovery and telematics device options remain in place as before.

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