Discovery Insure’s unique selling features.

I though that i would copy in a post from Discovery Insure, seeing as how they have practically listed the “innovative” extra’s that they offer with the Insure product better than  i would have been able to.

(taken from Discovery Insure’s “Smart Tips” – 09/10/2013)

week’s SmartTip focuses on Discovery Insure’s unique selling features that are
not offered by any other short-term insurer selling personal lines cover in the
South African market. It is important to highlight these features to your

Rewards for driving well

incentivises clients to drive well by rewarding them with up to 50% (a maximum
of R750 per month) of their monthly BP fuel spend back. Key features of
Vitalitydrive include:

  • DQ –Track, a stolen vehicle tracking and recovery
    device which is provided at no extra cost (This results in a saving of
    roughly R268 per month.) In addition, there are no contractual
  • Fuel rewards are paid monthly into the client’s premium
    paying bank account.
  • Fuel rewards are paid irrespective of whether or not a
    client claims.
  • Clients also benefit from an Excess Funder Account,
    which provides them with a unique way to fund their excess in the event of
    a motor claim.

Vehicle and passenger safety features

  • ImpactAlert enables us to contact clients as soon as
    they have been involved in a severe accident to offer our assistance.
  • We are able to detect in real time if your client’s car
    is being driven in a more severe manner than normal that may indicate a
    hijacking or theft taking place. This unique driver profiling allow us to
    proactively contact the client and provide assistance.

both instances, if we are unable to reach the client, we will despatch
assistance immediately.

Innovative cover solutions

following benefits are included in our cover:

  • Our No-excess benefit means clients don’t pay an excess
    for certain events that are not their fault (for example; Hail, fire and
    theft, with visible forced entry.)
  • Our Estimated maximum loss feature, which allows
    clients to reduce their premiums, but still get the cover they need for
    their portable possessions.
  • Our no-average guarantee ensures clients’ household
    contents are sufficiently covered.
  • Car hire is included automatically on the Classic Plan
    and Executive Plan for up to 30 days (with an option of extending this to
    60 days).

can also choose to add the following optional cover benefits at an extra cost:

  • Our retail cover booster pays out 15% more than the
    retail value of a client’s car in the event of a total loss.
  • With the Write-off accelerator, clients can choose to
    have their cars written off if the damage to their car is greater than
    either 40% or 50% of their car’s value.
  • The Vitalitydrive Life Integrator gives clients a 10%
    discount on their life premiums, and up to 7.5% in guaranteed cash backs
    each year.

Innovative service offerings

  • FastTrack claims replaces specified electronic devices
    within 48 hours, following a theft.
  • Xpress assessing guarantees an assessor at your
    client’s premises within 24 hours of them notifying us of a household
    contents or buildings claim.

forget that your Select clients get an automatic 5% discount off their
Discovery Insure premium based on their Vitality status and whether or not they
have a DiscoveryCard or Discovery Life cover. This discount could be as high as
25% based on their engagement, overall risk and financial behaviour.”

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