Don’t lose your benefits at Pick n’ Pay!!

Hello Everyone,

This concerns everyone who is using their Visa DiscoveryCard as their HealthyFood™ card.

There has been changes made as to how the HealthyFood™ cash back and Vitality points are captured.

From 1 August 2010, to make sure that your cash back and Vitality points are captured accurately, you need to swipe your Visa Discoverycard twice. Make sure that the cashier swipes your card before scanning your items and again when you pay.

If you don’t …you will not be able to get your Vitality points and your savings.

This is extremely important to remember.

I tested it last night at Constantia Village Pick ‘n Pay … i reminded the cashier as she did not ask…you need to be pro- active with this.

Discussing with her, she mentioned that there is a swipe point before the scanning of the items…when a green light shows after swiping, the cash back should be recorded correctly.

Do not say you haven’t been warned.

Happy shopping and Remember it Pays to have Cover!


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