Capital Legacy and the Organ Donor Foundation

Capital Legacy and the Organ Donor Foundation have an official partnership

The importance of organ and tissue donation is high on the agenda of Capital Legacy.

They just released information on the new partnership they have created with the Organ Donor Foundation in a bid to make registration of your donation as an organ donor easier and hasslefree.

WHY donate your organs?

Organ donors can save up to seven lives through donating their heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and pancreas and improve and enhance up to 50 lives by donating their tissue which includes skin, bone, cornea and heart valves.

HOW are Capital Legacy and the Organ Donor Foundation  going to do this?

This great initiative is to give back to the community and this is how we have made that possible:

  • All organ donor information to be collected on the application form during the consultation.

  • All our Legacy Consultants will be equipped with membership cards and stickers to provide to clients immediately during the consultation.

  • Automatic registration of your clients directly to ODF through our system.

  • National training by the ODF to equip our staff members on how to answer FAQ’s around organ donation.

You will therefore be able to indicate your wish to be an organ donor on the Capital Legacy Application form, when you are doing your will and Capital Legacy policy application.

I think this is fantastic… have had quite a few queries about organ donation , when clients have been doing will applications- so it should definitely help create a space for more donors to be registering.

Well done to Capital Legacy and the Organ Donor Foundation on a great initiative.

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