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This blog of,  is here to publish articles of interest in the financial services world.

Mostly information on life companies, medical aid companies, gap medical aid companies and also information from the Council for Medical Schemes and the Financial Services Board… which I find appropriate or interesting.

I am a financial advisor operating through the licence of a large brokerage (FSP number 45363) and have been in the financial industry for many years (not that I’m feeling old !).

We notice a lot of “hits” on the blog from specific areas, like specific product information.

Which could possibly mean that accessing the life and health companys’ sites directly, are slightly difficult to understand.

So, I do where possible, try to simplify things. Unfortunately, this is not always easy – what with all the regulations and Acts and so on… that all link into each other.

This site was previously under a sub- domain: , it has now been recreated, directly on the domain.

However, a technical issue has meant that a lot of blog posts in the period of 2014 to mid to late 2016, have unfortunately been lost to the world. For that we apologise.

Hopefully this set up will be better.

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And remember, it pays to have cover!

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