Momentum Health – changes for 2009

Momentum Health for 2009

(Update Sept, 2016- post kept for historical purposes)

Momentum Health have launched for 2009 with the Key Focus areas being:

To attract the right profile of members and to improve the general health and wellbeing of their members.

Momentum Health believe in reintroducing the GP as the healthcare co-ordinator as the GP plays a vital role in advising, guiding and providing care that could prevent the progression of illness. Momentum Health have therefore introduced an “associated list of GP’s” for members. This will allow members to enjoy discounts  on their contributions by making the Associated GP’s the first step in the healthcare chain.

Chronic benefit and day – to –day providers are now referred to as ‘out of hospital’ providers for 2009.

In 2009, if a member is referred to a specialist by a GP on the Associated List, Momentum Health will not charge a co-payment on the 22 procedures that currently have the R500 or R1000 co-payment.

Momentum Health’s average increase for 2009 is 14.38%.

Momentum Health are launching the Momentum Mobicard. A member can click on a link from a Momentum SMS and install the card on their cellphones. This will enable them access to membership details, up to date information on savings account and health saver balances and important medical contact numbers.

As a Momentum Health member you now have access to the Compliance Incentive ™ programme, where you can qualify for a Compliance Incentive for up to R150 per month per adult.

The Save as you Gym ™ programme is also being launched where your gym fee is based on your gym usage.

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