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(Update: Sept, 2016- no longer offer international health insurance)

Good evening all,

I have been hard at work bringing the Travel Health Insurance page on my site back up to date.

It now includes the ihi Bupa Worldwide Travel Options product breakdown, as well as the link so that you can apply online yourself.
This is more the travel health insurance product for the individual or family travelling. ihi Bupa have included trip cancellation cover as well as non- medical cover options.

The traveller going to the Schengen area that needs to prove they have travel insurance that meets the requirements of the European Union can access information on this cover, on the same page.

There is also cover for Company travellers, called Business Travel Options. The requirement here is that a minimum of 200 travel days are taken. The company only needs to complete one application form for this cover to be put into place.

Well, that’s the gist of it.

Good night for now.


P.s. the link to the page (link removed)

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