Altrisk Review their HIV rates for cover.


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Please see the latest information regards HIV rates for Altrisk, taken from their “In Touch” e- newsletter of this month.

HIV cover rates reduced, also gives two scenarios of how cover is viewed.

Excerpt taken from Altrisk e-newsletter January 2014.

“Altrisk reviews HIV rates


Weve just reviewed our pricing for HIV clients and we are

proud to retain our position among the most competitive in

the market.

Altrisk’s specialist risk underwriting expertise gives us a

unique position to adjust our rates. We were the first


insurer in South Africa to offer cover for HIV+ clients in

1999 and this gives us the advantage of years of actuarial

data to draw from to analyse trends, disease curves and

interpret medical data for insurance purposes.

Since 1999 Altrisk has had three HIV rate reviews,

decreasing premium rates each time.

Our approach to HIV+ applications now follows one of two




Scenario 1


If your client is already HIV+ when applying for cover and


o n a n t i r e t r o v i r a l t r e a t m e n t f o r m o r e t h a n


12 months, underwriting will be based on the client’s


condition when applying. In this scenario treatment

adherence is not a condition for cover, but proof

of ongoing adherence could result in discounted premiums.


Scenario 2


If your client was diagnosed with HIV recently, or finds out

when applying for cover that they are HIV+, cover where

granted will be conditional. The client must commit to

starting treatment within 60 days of being advised to, and

commit to following a treatment protocol for a minimum

period of one year. After this year, no proof of compliance

with a protocol is required.


HIV is a chronic disease, not a death sentence


Altrisk has always viewed HIV as a chronic disease, similar

to other illnesses such as diabetes. Now experience also

shows that people living with HIV are living longer, which

means that the cost of cover is also decreasing.

This is why we believe the life insurance industry has to

reconsider its approach to the disease, how its

underwritten and the scope and quality of cover available

for HIV+ applicants.

Fourteen years after Altrisk launched the first benefit for

HIV+ clients, other larger insurers are starting to offer this

cover. This is a positive development for consumers in

removing the stigma as well as providing greater financial

security for people living with chronic illnesses such as HIV.”




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