Gen – Health member…join Discovery Health Medical Scheme without new waiting periods!


Underwriting concession for Gen-Health members applying for membership of the Discovery Health Medical Scheme

On the 14th of October 2010 the Council for Medical Schemes published press release 12, announcing that Gen-Health Medical Scheme (Gen-Health) is being liquidated with effect from the 12th of October 2010.

The Discovery Health Medical Scheme has received a number of requests for membership by Gen-Health members who are concerned about the risks that the liquidation presents. In order to streamline the processing of these applications and ensure no break in cover for members, please note that existing members of Gen-Health will not be subject to underwriting on change of membership to Discovery Health.

Terms and conditions:
1. Members applying under this concession will receive no waiting periods or late joiner penalties other than the balance of existing waiting periods imposed by Gen-Health or existing late joiner penalties
2. Members can make use of a status A application form to apply under this concession along with proof of current membership of Gen-Health
The application form must reach Discovery Health by 1 December 2010

Proof of membership requirements for Gen-Health underwriting concession
Proof of membership of Gen- Health needs to be submitted.

Where membership certificates cannot be obtained, members can still join under this concession by providing the following proof with their applications:

  1. A clear copy of the front and back of their membership card, and
  2. Proof of payment to the Gen-Health Medical Scheme in the last two months (either on an employer letterhead, payslip or bank statement)

Please note that both sets of proof must be provided in order to qualify.

Date of Commencement

The earliest date of commencement is the 01/10/2010
The latest date of commencement is the 01/01/2010

Application here (link removed- old)

Please note that this is on my broker code and will need to be sent to our offices, whereupon i will call you and help you with your plan selection ( (link removed – old) and confirm details.

I can be reached via the email address info@businessowner-cover.

I hope this posting helps those who want to join the largest open scheme.

Remember, it Pays to have Cover!

Kenny Williamson

(Posting taken from freely available Discovery Health information).

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