The Health Plan Protector

Discovery still offer the Health Plan Protector- a good option for anyone on Discovery Health

UPDATE: November 2017— The Health Plan Protector has been discontinued for new business. My Thoughts: If you have this product– keep it, or discuss intensely before cancelling anything.

(2017 Rates for the Health Plan Protector are at bottom of this post)

I am going to try and break down the Discovery product into “bite” size chunks for those that want to understand what is on offer, how all the products tie together and how to make use of the products.

As Discovery Life releases new products to the market, the product range becomes more and more complicated in the details, the nitty gritty.

However, that being said, the “holistic” approach and core principles that Discovery use, is not complicated to understand.

Basically the products hang on what Discovery terms their “integrators”. The concept being that your health status and Vitality status help determine your “risk”.

As a concept, this is very forward thinking and has many merits. I could however, sit and write articles around the Discovery product range and get no business done (i am a broker/financial advisor/planner/salesman after all).

A product in the Discovery Life range that is underused (as far as i am concerned) is called the Health Plan Protector.

In it’s absolute simplicity it has 2 arms…one gives you insurance in respect of your medical aid premiums should something happen to you and the other gives you a “payback” of your medical aid premiums.

So what???

Well, it is the only way that you can currently get some of your medical aid risk premiums back in South Africa!

To some, this product can be a godsend…especially if your company subsidises your medical aid premiums. You could find that you get the product for “free”…in that the refund of premiums pays for the product.

This is complicated to work out though, especially so, since you can’t know, going forward what is going to happen to you.

So don’t try and buy the product on analysed scenario’s (individually analysed)…rather, focus on the fact that it protects you against what could happen.

No one can accurately plan for future medical aid premium increases…so you can never be sure if you have enough cover for this scenario.

This product insures you for the actual cost of the medical aid premiums (up to 20% increases in medical aid premiums)… if something should happen to you… and refunds you a portion  of your medical aid premiums should something not happen to you.

Go ahead and have a look.

(p.s. I prefer the 5 yearly payback option with a health fund.)


Saw this post and decided to update this health plan protector post with 2017 rates and brochure:

Rates for Health Plan Protector 2017:

Health Plan Protector rates 2017 to pay out on Capital Disability and Severe Illness for 5 year Term

Health Plan Protector Rates for 2017 to pay out on Capital Disability and Severe Illness for 10 year term

Health Plan Protector Rates for 2017 to pay out on Death, Disability and Severe Illness for 5 years

Health Plan Protector Rates for 2017 to pay out on death, disability, severe illness for 10 years

Policy guide for Health Plan Protector for 2017:

Health Plan Protector Policy Guide 2017

(all taken from freely available material on

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