Momentum Health 2017

What does Momentum Health offer in 2017

There have been some searches looking for information on Momentum Health this year.

They had a “weighted” increase of 11% for 2017.

Plan specific increases could range from 8.9% to 15%.

Without going into detail, I have decided to simply make the Momentum Health 2017 brochures available here… so that you can download them if you desire:

Overview of Momentum_2017 Healthcare offering(1)

Momentum Health full plans brochure for 2017

Momentum DomestiCare brochure (for domestics to access affordable cover).

Momentum StaffCare brochure (cover for staff members earning less than R10 000 per month, with more than 5 staff members- designed as a low income solution).


I hope that above helps some of you decide on a plan, contact us if you have any issues.


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