Medical Scheme Increases for 2011.

These are some of the increases for medical schemes for next year;

Discovery Health Medical Scheme: 7.9% increase (across all plan types and contribution bands).

Resolution Health Medical Scheme: 8.6% increase.

Medihelp Medical Scheme: 15.5% increase. (ranged from 6.7% for some members on the low income option to 29.9% for higher income earners on the same option. The Dimension Elite option has a 23.8% increase.)

Bestmed Medical Scheme: 11.4% increase. (Risk contributions increase by 11.79%).

Liberty Medical Scheme: average increase 13.7%.(Range from 14.3% on higher cost Platinum options to 10.5% on the middle of the range options. The rate of reimbursement for in- hospital specialists reduced from 300% of the scheme rate to 200% of the scheme rate).

Fedhealth Medical Scheme: average weighted increase of 9.7%. (range of increases from 3% to 12.3%. The number of chronic conditions covered on the Maxima options have been reduced and the oncology limits have been adjusted according to option.)

Momentum Health Medical Scheme: Weighted average increase of 7.9%. The average increase on the risk contributions is 9.7%. The savings account has been removed from the Custom Option.

Information taken from the Personal Finance in the Saturday Star, article written by Laura du Preez, Oct 9th 2010.

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